Part 2: Here’s How China’s Silver Revenge Strategy has Unfolded


The Silver Trap is Ready

Greetings brothers, it’s good to be back! This week we take a second look at China’s silver revenge strategy. We delve into great detail about:

  • Why China had to wait until gold was cornered first, before dealing with silver…
  • Why Silver is a two-edged sword that could as easily damage China, as China’s foes, if not wielded carefully…
  • Why China has also personally been involved in rigging silver, and what that has gained them….
  • What the first amazing step was in China’s recent silver plans, and how it has changed the world forever…
  • How China’s state mints have cautiously prepared to compete with the West’s major mints, at the flip of a switch…
  • The extraordinary “tell” in the new 2016 Silver Panda that nearly no one’s talking about…
  • How China neutralized London and New York’s most deadly mechanisms for gold and silver control!
  • How China has amassed large silver stockpiles on the sly, likely using one of the worst market rigging banks to do so..
  • And lastly, we review a tragic, harrowing story that highlights who the Chinese are, and why they desire revenge.

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