Perth Gold Mints: A Review

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The Perth Mint is the official bullion mint in Australia, and completely owned by the government. It was founded in June 1899, two years before the Australian Federation. The Perth Mint was among the three colonial branches of the Royal Mint which were aimed at refining gold from the gold rushes, and then minting sovereigns for the British Rule; the other two mints, Melbourne Mints and Sydney Mints are now defunct.


The Perth Mint offers both gold and silver bars. The silver bars range in weight from 0.5 oz. to 1000 oz., whereas the gold bars are offered in limited sizes. If you are interested in buying Perth mint gold bars, you can choose from 5 g, 10 g, 20g, 1 oz. and 10 oz., the most widely sold of which is 1 oz. The design on all the bars is same, regardless of the weight and size, and is instantly recognised the world over due its quality.


The front side of every gold bar features the famous Perth Mint seal, bearing the mint name and Australia as the originating country. Right below the seal, information about the metal, purity and weight are engraved. The back side of the bar shows a repeating kangaroo motif. The assay card mentions all specifications in details, along with a unique serial number.

Product Range

In addition to gold bullion bars, the Perth Mint also produces silver bars. The official seal and serial number are only engraved on the 400 oz. and 1000 oz. bar. Smaller weight bars feature just the official brandmark.

Silver, gold and platinum coins are also produced. The gold coins contain 99.99% pure gold, and are offered in several weights and finishes. Silver coins also feature 99.99% silver. As an investor, you can buy products of all three metals to diversify your portfolio.

The design of the bullion coins is attractive, featuring numerous details such as colorising, gliding and proof finishes. Some of the most popular series include the Celebrate Australia Series, the Deadly & Dangerous Silver Coin Series, and the Lucky Cat Gold Coin series. The Celebrate Australia Series includes a number of notable coins like the Wet Tropics of Queensland and the Purnululu World Heritage National Park coins. The former of these depicts a kangaroo standing in front of red cliffs, whereas the latter shows a large flightless bird, the emu. The Lucky Cat Gold Coin series feature six variants, all of which show a friendly waving cat.


Every Perth mint gold bar is sold in a green, tamper proof card. Featuring a CertiCard, the bar is prevented from being tampered with. Perth Mint does not stamp any serial number on the smaller bars as well as the gold ones. However, as already mentioned, an assay card bearing all information is included in the case. The card also bears Chief Assayer’s signatures and production/certification verification.

Since Perth Mint products can be globally recognised, they are often traded without the assay cards.  But generally, these cards are often provided with first time transactions.

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