SEE VIDEO: Has The Secret Treasure known As ‘Yamashita Gold’ Been Uncovered in the Philippines?

7 Dec 2017

Adventurers claim gold bars have been found ‘booby trapped’ in a cave

from Daily Mail:

Treasure hunters are claiming they have uncovered the masses of gold reportedly hidden in the Philippines by Japanese soldiers during WWII.
The discovery could mark the end of decades of speculation over the so-called Yamashita Treasure – gold bars and gemstones worth tens of billions of dollars allegedly looted by the Japanese Imperial Army.

Rumour has it that the looted valuables were stashed in more than 145 underground tunnels and caves in the Philippines before the surrender in 1945.

The alleged war loot stolen by Japanese soldiers was under the command of General Tomoyuki Yamashita, who was in charge of the country’s forces in 1944.

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