The Silver Ruble Coin for Russia

by Hugo Salinas Price, 24hgold:

Europe – including Ukraine – is constantly bombarded with propaganda on the part of the US about the danger of “Russian Aggression”.

The seed for the propaganda was provided by events in the Crimean Peninsula, after the US-led coup which ousted the elected President of Ukraine and installed a US-led puppet government. The people of Crimea did not regard the unelected government in Kiev as favorable to their interests, and in a peaceful vote decided to rejoin Russia, of which Crimea has been a part since time immemorial. This action on the part of Crimea, has been painted as “Russian Aggression”.

As a result of the mythical threat of aggression on the part of Russia, concocted as part of the enduring plan of the US to become the world’s dominant super-power, which requires the dismemberment of Russia, the EU was forced by the US to apply “Sanctions” to commerce with Russia. Russia responded with sanctions of its own on European commerce, namely by cutting off its purchases of Europe’s products in agriculture and industry. France has been adversely affected by the loss of Russia for its agricultural products and Germany equally affected by the loss of Russia for its industrial products.

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