THE TOP FOUR PRECIOUS METALS: Which Will Be The Best Investments During The Next Financial Crash

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

When the next financial crash occurs, investors need to understand which of the top four precious metals are the best to invest in.  Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of faulty analysis that has mislead many investors about the fundamentals of gold, platinum, palladium and silver.

I will provide information in this article on the top four precious metals that has not been covered correctly by the majority of analysts.  While some may have touched on individual aspects, very few have put together an in-depth analysis on these metals to properly educate investors.

However, before I get into the details of these top four precious metals, I would like to share some very important information.

When I wrote my article (few weeks ago) titled, THE COMING BREAKDOWN OF U.S. & GLOBAL MARKETS EXPLAINED: What Most Analysts Missed, it generated the most interest and commentary of any of my previous articles.  It seemed to have hit a nerve in my followers and new readers.

In that article, I posted some of the charts by Louis Arnoux and the Hills Group.  These charts explained the coming “Thermodynamic Collapse” of the oil price and global oil industry… in a relatively short period of time.  Since then, I have had several long conversations with Louis on the science and math of their work.

Let me tell you all, any doubts I have had about the accuracy and legitimacy of their work… IS COMPLETELY GONE.

Folks… we are in a real mess.  And the damned thing of it all, the world has no clue.  While I have been pessimistic about the ramifications of peak oil and the Falling EROI – Energy Returned On Investment for many years, now I understand there is a TIME CLOCK.  And, we don’t have much time.

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