This One Chart Should Drive Investors Into Buying Gold & Silver

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

The U.S. financial system is in serious trouble and this one chart confirms it. Investors who understand the negative consequences of this chart would be buying physical gold and silver hand over fist. Unfortunately, Americans have been put to sleep by the Mainstream media as they continue to report that “business as usual forever and everything will be okay.”

However, the opposite is the case as the U.S. economy and the financial system continue to disintegrate under the forces of massive debt, zero interest rates and a collapsing energy industry. This is not a situation that will continue for many years or decades. This will likely collapse much sooner than most Americans realize.

Why? Because of the evidence shown in the chart below:

This chart taken from the Political Calculations blog, reveals the exponential increase in U.S. debt as well as GDP – Gross Domestic Product. Most individuals have seen charts of U.S. debt going back decades or even to the 1930’s. However, this chart goes back all the way until 1791.

You will notice as the debt increased at an exponential fashion, so did U.S GDP. Which means our GDP growth is really fictitious or based on the leveraging of debt. The chart above represented data up until 2010. I manually added the U.S. debt and GDP trend lines to the chart below to show the present situation:

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