TOPIC: RECORD gold-exports to U.S. from Switzerland. WHY??

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

One subject which comes up on a regular basis are bullion STOCKPILES. Not the absurd “inventory” numbers we get from the banksters with respect to their ultra-fraudulent bullion markets.

“Inventories” (supposedly) represent the amount of a particular good which is IMMEDIATELY available for sale. Stockpiles represent the total quantity of a good which is potentially available for sale (usually at much higher prices). Thus the question, year after year is this: how large are the bullion STOCKPILES of gold and silver? And: where are these stockpiles located?

As I have indicated before, we have no means of precisely identifying the size of bullion stockpiles under the control of Western oligarchs. We know that these stockpiles have been steadily/rapidly declining. We know that the “gold reserves” which Western regimes claim to hold are the most-absurd of exaggerations. But we don’t know how much gold/silver the oligarchs started with.

As to WHERE all this hoarded gold and silver is located, it would be difficult to come up with a more-likely location than SWITZERLAND. This brings us to the new data.

For decades, the U.S. has been exporting gold to Switzerland in modest amounts. Americans (and Canadians) were too stupid to know that they needed this gold, and the Swiss (especially wealthier individuals) have/had a much greater appreciation for bullion.

But now, suddenly, the tables have turned. It is Switzerland which is suddenly exporting gold to the U.S. — and in very large quantities. Last month; Switzerland shipped 20 TONNES of gold to the U.S.

What does this sudden reversal of gold-flows tell us, especially since such a large amount of gold is involved? It strongly suggests that the banksters NEEDED a large quantity of physical bullion — and Switzerland is where that bullion magically appeared from.

As a reminder, when war was raging all over the world during World War II, Switzerland was able to remain “neutral”. Note that nations like Belgium also declared their “neutrality”. Hitler ignored it, completely. Yet, in Switzerland, the land of Bankers, Hitler never threatened Swiss neutrality, despite the fact that Switzerland had absolutely no means of defending itself — and lots of WEALTH which the Third Reich could have looted.

Clearly Hitler’s Western financiers told him he was not allowed to venture into Switzerland, ever. Switzerland is also home to the Bank for International Settlements — which is allowed to exist as a SOVEREIGN TERRITORY (i.e. even the Swiss government isn’t allowed on its premises.

We still don’t know how much gold Western oligarchs are still holding. But we don’t have to think too hard on where they holding their remaining bullion…


“An Extraordinary Development”: Record Swiss Gold Flow Into The United States…d-flow-united-states

Record Swiss Gold Flow Into The United States

There was a huge trend change in U.S. gold investment in May. Something quite extraordinary took place which hasn’t happened for several decades. While Switzerland has been a major source of U.S. gold exports for many years, the tables turned in May as the Swiss exported a record amount of gold to the United States.

How much gold? A lot. The Swiss exported 50 times more gold in May than their monthly average (0.4 mt) since 2015:

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