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1 oz Lady Fortuna™ 45th Anniversary Gold Bar

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Characteristics of the 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar

Renowned worldwide for its symbolic significance and aesthetic appeal, the Lady Fortuna holds a special place in the hearts of collectors and investors. In commemoration of its 45th anniversary, PAMP proudly presents this 1 oz gold bar featuring an exclusive Lady Fortuna design.

The gold ingot is crafted from 999.9% pure gold, weighing 1 ounce (31.10 g) with dimensions of 24 mm in width and 41 mm in length. And like any other PAMP gold bar, each bullion comes with a custom CertiPAMP™ assay card, guaranteeing its authenticity.

To enhance its presentation, this gold bar includes a beautiful gift sleeve, making it the perfect choice if you’re considering buying gold as a special gift for someone dear.

The obverse of the 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar

The front of the gold ingot is beautifully designed to display the Roman goddess, Fortuna. She is presented with bountiful heaves of wheat, delicate poppies, the iconic horn of plenty, precious coins, and a wheel of fortune. In a graceful pose, she holds the cornucopia from which coins cascade, symbolizing the essence of prosperity and wealth. The intricate detailing captures the goddess in a moment of abundance, creating a visual narrative of good fortune.

Next to the Lady Fortuna design, you can see the inscriptions “Lady Fortuna” and “45th anniversary” that make it stand out from other usual Lady Fortuna gold ingots.

The reverse of the 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar

When you flip the bar over, you’ll notice a slightly different design than the other Lady Fortuna bullion. At the top of the bar, you’ll discover the writing “SUISSE” with the repeated background motif of “45th” in micro minting for added bullion security. Just below, you can find important information like the bar’s weight, purity level, unique serial number, and lastly, the PAMP logo.

Why the 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar is a great investment and collector’s item

You can place this 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bullion in your precious metals collection to celebrate the 45th anniversary of this widely recognized ingot. This gold bar serves as a special commemoration, marking a significant milestone in its widely recognized history. Collectors who appreciate such special moments will find this bar an appealing choice.

The piece has a global mintage of only 4,500, which was crafted specifically to honor this milestone. Its exclusivity adds an extra layer of significance, making it an attractive and memorable addition to any gold collection. Its rarity means that its value can increase, especially among other collectors.

Much like other collectibles, the value of this 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar extends beyond its metal content. Factors such as rarity, aesthetic appeal, and historical significance contribute to its overall worth, making it a truly unique and sought-after addition to any collection.

Apart from its collectible appeal, you can use this gold bar to diversify your gold savings, depending on your individual investment strategy.

Why the 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar can be a great gift

This gold ingot features the goddess Fortuna and would make a meaningful and memorable gift as it symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

This ingot bears special significance due to its design to commemorate the 45th anniversary and can be passed down through generations. It would also be a great way to encourage your grandchildren to start building their gold savings with this special 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar.

Additionally, this ingot is not only a great gift but also a valuable addition to any gold savings.

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