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PAMP has revolutionized the security and authentication of gold and silver products by introducing VERISCAN® ingot assay packaging. Did you know that, just as in nature, man-made products such as gold & silver bullion bars possess irregular “surface landscapes” of unique characteristics and textures? Imagine: Pure gold ingots of the same size, shape and weight, seemingly identical in every way adhering to the most strict standards of uniformity – yet at a microscopic level, each ingot has a distinctive “surface profile”.


Buy PAMP gold bar online in MalaysiaDuring the manufacturing process, PAMP scans the surface of each ingot and stores the unique surface data in a giant database. Using PAMP’s free VeriScan Software Application, a Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II document scanner, the PAMP VERISCAN® Scanner Frame Accessory, and an internet connection, you can scan any PAMP ingot in VERISCAN® packaging, and instantly get a pass or fail reading that tells you if your PAMP bar is authentic.


VERISCAN® is a breakthrough system that effectively identifies any registered bullion product and aids in the detection of counterfeits. Unique within the precious metals industry and exclusive to PAMP, VERISCAN’s patented technology utilizes the metal’s microscopic topography – like a fingerprint – for unprecedented, highly reliable results. PAMP captures and stores the surface data at the production line. From that point forward, at any time, PAMP precious metals products can be instantly identified using the certified VERISCAN software app together with a conventional* document scanner. Authentication is highly reliable, and as uncomplicated as scanning a document. Users require almost no special skills or training.

The system is robust and practical and product can withstand normal scrapes and scratches without significant impairment to the reliability of the surface data. Importantly, Larger bars can also be scanned on all six sides for enhanced authentication.

PAMP VeriScan Technology

PAMP VERISCAN® Features & Benefits

To be truly effective, any commercial authentication solution should be:

  • Consistently and highly accurate
  • Non-destructive
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Cost efficient

Non-laboratory methods are typically affordable but are either destructive or lack accuracy and require expertise for reliable results. With limited alternatives – until now – the industry has been forced to accept greater risk and higher transaction costs when buying silver and gold bars. By utilizing VERISCAN® technology, you can minimize, and practically eliminate, the risk of buying counterfeit PAMP products and ensure that your PAMP purchase is 100% authentic.

PAMP VERISCAN® – Getting Started

What You Need:

  1. PAMP product(s) in VERISCAN® Assay Packaging
  2. VeriScan Software Application (free)
  3. Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II document scanner
  4. PAMP VERISCAN® Scanner Frame Accessory
  5. An internet connection

5-Minute How-To Video:

iPhone App – Available Now

  1. iPhone 6, 6S, or newer
  2. Download the free VERISCAN app from the App Store. Unlimited free usage for the first month with in-app purchases of scanning bundles thereafter

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