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  • 5 star review  Amazing experience period! Mr. Dean genuinely helped me to learn about gold. He’s very helpful, courteous and NEVER pushy at all.

    thumb Arzelinda Mohamed Nudin

    5 star review  Very smooth deal! They have fair rate of buying gold! Very professional and recommended. Thank you and hope to deal with you again in future!

    thumb Anna Shariff

    5 star review  Good price,Good service���

    thumb Ah Siang

    5 star review  Best place to buy and sell gold. Top notch , world class boss.

    thumb Micheal Jones

    5 star review  Good experience of trading gold. Trustworthy! Able to meet at the place you are confident. will recommend to more physical gold investor

    thumb Lean Hin Tan

    5 star review  Terima Kasih Tuan Dean Arif atas servis yg diberikan, mudah, cepat dan mesra.

    thumb Herman Ibrahim Aiman

    5 star review  Superb customer service. Arif is professional and handles transactions with complete integrity and honesty. So refreshing to find someone who’s not trying to scam you these days! I highly recommend My Bullion Trade to everyone.

    thumb Audrey Tan

    5 star review  First time purchased with MBT. Excellent services by Mr Dean Arif and the price offerred was reasonable compared to the retail market. Bravo Zulu MBT....

    thumb Saharuddin Abu Kassim

    5 star review  Honest, personalised and professional. Thank you Dean for a wonderful experience doing business with you. Looking forward to doing more business in the near future

    thumb Megat Muhammed Faisal
  • 5 star review  Great service , quick , fast , friendly and responsive . Highly recommended

    thumb Calvin Alex Thomas

    5 star review  Great buyer and seller. Brought cash to my bank since I'm selling to him and its cash on spot. He was even 5 minutes earlier and I'd highly recommend Dean.

    thumb Imper- Manence

    5 star review  The transaction was very smooth and the PIC is very responsive and professional. Gained some extra knowledge about gold from him. Highly recommended!

    thumb William Leong

    5 star review  Based on my first dealing with Dean, I must say I am impressed with the professionalism shown. Highly recommended.

    thumb Ali Munawar

    5 star review  Unbelievable! My first time selling my gold jewelries and it was the best experience ever! He was so professional with all the equipment and was very calm in dealing, especially with gold and huge amount of money. But he sure knows what he's doing! Very trustworthy and recommended! From now on I will deal my golds with this guy!

    thumb Garnette Robert

    5 star review  Dean is very helpful and knowledgable. His service is first class. Thank you!

    thumb Graham Robertson

    5 star review  Nice, friendly and honest guy. Very punctual too. Had a very good experience �

    thumb Daniel Ho

    5 star review  Great customer service, valuable product insights, fast response. All-in-all a pleasure to do business with.

    thumb Deepak K. Menon

    5 star review  感谢Dean的特级服务。快速,贴心而又专业,绝对推荐!

    thumb Cyndee Gsy
  • 5 star review  Punctual and efficient service by Dean. He is very honest guy. I will sure recommend to my friends.

    thumb Baskaran Meyappan

    5 star review  trustworthy & genuine. good job!! highly recomend for anyone

    thumb Martin Ng Hock Chiang

    5 star review  Prompt service and reliable. It is safe to trade with my bulliontrade.

    thumb Sheena Ung

    5 star review  Fast responding, service is good, reliable and efficiency. Thank you!

    thumb Jenn Chan

    5 star review  The quality of the service is execptional. Dean is very professional and customer-centred. Above all, the rates are better than elsewhere. Great having such personalized service and I am definitely going to recommend MBT to my friends.

    thumb Fleur Marie Vaz

    5 star review  Dean is a great & honest guy. Good service and very knowledgeable.

    thumb Frank Tan

    5 star review  Excellent seller! Met him at agreed place and assisted me throughout the transaction. Nice and polite guy. Thanks for the great experience.

    thumb Ir Khalid Al-Wong

    5 star review  Great service. Answered all my queries. Will definitely use the service again

    thumb Fairol Ibrahim

    5 star review  Totally convenient experience with Malaysia Bullion Trade. Helpful, easy pre and post services with the best trade value in the country. Highly recommended for customers looking at preserving value.

    thumb Fara Edayu
  • 5 star review  Great service. We met at a bank nearby my office and he was punctual. Transaction was smooth and easy. Price was very competitive. Will definitely use your service again.

    thumb Abdullah Zubair

    5 star review  Highly recommended trader! Urusniaga yg cepat, mudah dan efficient. Tuan Dean Arif juga sangat luas pengetahuan dalam gold silver trading dan tidak lokek utk berkongsi ilmu. Boleh tanya macam2 dan dia akan melayan dgn baik. Siap bawa mesin tester lagi! Thank you for good service. Akan berurusniaga lagi insyaAllah

    thumb Mohd Asif Fauzi

    5 star review  Quick response and very knowledgeable in the trade. Friendly from first point of contact, will definitely have future dealings.

    thumb Ivan Keith

    5 star review  From Dean, I always get higher than the market. Flexble to meet at your convenient time.

    thumb Dana Ariya

    5 star review  Punctual, honest and best price in town. But what I like the most is their "human" touch - polite, helpful and friendly. Truly unrivaled and world class!

    thumb Fara Nafisa

    5 star review  Smooth delivery procedure. Good trading experience indeed.

    thumb Eric Hee

    5 star review  I was introduced to Dean by a friend who was trying to help me sell my gold bars. At first I felt uncomfortable and started brushing up on my negotiating skills; expecting to haggle my way to a “fair” deal. All of that was wiped away when I spoke to Dean on the phone. He offered to pay in cash and stated the rate listed on the website. We finalized our meeting details and price via Whatsapp and completed the transaction at a bank. Since the price had been decided beforehand, I simply had to show up on time with the promised amount of gold. Dean helped me navigate through some bank lingos and stayed with me till the final ringgit was counted for. Being Malaysian, it’s not very often I get to deal with someone as professional and courteous when the exchange of money is involved. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Dean and I sincerely hope other people in a similar situation experience the same level of comfort and integrity that was offered to me.

    thumb Mahendren Munisamy

    5 star review  I had a very friendly experience with Dean today. The transaction was so easy and fast although we dealt at a cafe. Definitely will trade again.

    thumb Kalai Arasu

    5 star review  Nice buyer to deal with. Offered a good price and very efficient. Highly recommended. ���

    thumb Anna Monica Jingco Cardino
  • 5 star review  Very friendly and fast service. Trustworthy too.

    thumb Natasha Musa

    5 star review  Wonderful service and super friendly. Integrity is their number 1 priority. Thank you!

    thumb Ahmad Danial Mohammad

    5 star review  Dean is remarkably polite, one of the nicest man we have ever met. He offered to meet us at our location to make our transaction easier. He was very quick and professional, and willing to accommodate to customers' needs. Will definitely trade with Dean again 🙂

    thumb Yuna Yeap

    5 star review  It was a pleasure selling my gold to Dean. He was really informative and it was an easy transaction upon checking on the items i sold 🙂

    thumb Samuel Chew

    5 star review  We spent a highly informative and enjoyable hour with Dean who shared a wealth of knowledge on financial systems and the role of gold in the world economy. Dean is incredibly kind and open and provided us with some great insight into this fascinating subject. I am now on the hunt for my first gold bullion 😀

    thumb David Stephenson

    5 star review  Sold my gold last week, Dean is a very reliable trader. Gold check on the spot less then 10 sec with their device without cutting or scratching your gold. Cash paid immediately. Best buy-back rate. Highly Recommended!

    thumb Boon Yie Meng

    5 star review  Convenient and very professional service. Would use again and recommend to anyone.

    thumb Ben Johnson

    5 star review  Never knew such genuine and honest men in mankind still exist in a business world today. We are privileged to be dealing with Dean! He's a wonderful knowledgeable kind being . Thank you Dean and sure hope to catch up in the near future.

    thumb Caronne Ong

    5 star review  This is a beautiful 5 gram gold bar. I’m very pleased with this purchase. .excellent customer service

    thumb Fui Lin Lo

Our clients’ testimonials from e-mails and WhatsApp:

“Thanks Dean for the coins test. I found the service to be fast, convenient and brings a peace of mind without owning a sophisticated equipment.”
— Eddie L, Shah Alam, Selangor.

“Dean provides such excellent service, from educating you on precious metal investment to delivering them to you right on your doorstep. Highly recommended!!”
— TP Lu, Kuala Lumpur.

“Very professional services, even to the extend of explaining the history and cycle of gold and silver. I find Dean’s service a far cry from the others that I enquired – he is the only one willing to meet and deliver the product. Other seller can’t be bothered. I recommend Malaysia Bullion Trade and will definitely deal with him again!”
— Adeline C., Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

“My #1 most trusted source for gold bar buy & sell. Prompt & excellent service!”
— Zoey S., Selayang, Selangor.

“Selling my gold bars to MY Bullion Trade was easy with just a phone call. The price was awesome with payment made into my bank account on the same day!”
— Eddie J., Melbourne, Australia.

“Thanks a lot for your sharing about Currency and Inflation. I had not wasted anything coming all the way from Penang.”
— Alvin NSH, Penang.

“I like to buy gold and silver from Dean because of his deep knowledge of the subject. His punctuality, patience in explanation and good business ethics also gave me the confidence to recommend him to my friends.”
— Juanna Chua, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

“Service is excellent, no matter how many troy ounces I buy, delivery is fast and always with an appreciative THANK YOU. MY Bullion Trade is truly first class!”
— Leon Yim, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

“I just attended the DD event in Bkt D’sara. It was great to meet other ‘awakened’ folks. There is a real belief & passion behind what Dean is doing. More important to me, this is not about making money, this is about making a difference! Thanks for the clear & simple explanation Dean!”
— Jeff, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

“Thanks for your integrity and efficiency in service! I also learnt a lot from your talks, opening my eyes on the true nature of our economy and currency.”
— Shu Wei, Ipoh, Perak.

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