Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Us?

Why Buy Gold?

Gold is the only money that has never failed in the 5,000 years history of its use by humans. Paper currency have an average lifespan of about 40 years.
Currently, there is only enough investment-grade gold available on Earth for every living person to have 1/3 of an ounce.
Throughout human history, gold has been revalued to seek equilibrium with all excess currency in circulation. Today, to account for all the U.S. dollars printed by the Federal Reserve, gold would have to be revalued at $15,000 per troy ounce!
In times of crisis and high inflation, gold is the safest investment that also has the greatest upside to increase your wealth.
Gold is a completely private and anonymous investment that is also extremely portable and liquid. It is freedom money.
Why Buy Silver?

There is currently less investment-grade silver available on Earth for investors to buy than there is gold.
Today, there is only enough investment-grade silver on Earth for every person to have 1/14 of an ounce.
Silver is a ‘miracle metal’. It is second only to oil as the world’s most useful commodity.
Aside from being money, silver has thousands of essential industrial uses. Silver is a natural, powerful biocide, most electrically and thermally conductive, and most reflective metal on the planet that has no known substitutes.
For the past 30 years, the world has used up more silver than has been mined, and today silver inventories are near all time record low levels.
Why Choose MY Bullion Trade?
To begin with, we are an education-first company and provide our clients well-researched financial education, FREE OF CHARGE.
MY Bullion Trade is not simply a precious metals trader, we invest alongside our clients. We have a vested interest in making sure our clients are positioned to protect themselves and to profit from what we believe will be the greatest wealth transfer in human history.
Our clients benefit from our economic research and automatically become MY Bullion Trade Insiders. Insiders receive specialised updates, seminars, industry news, and most importantly the MY Bullion Trade Exit Strategy.
Understanding that now is the best time to acquire physical, investment-grade gold and silver bullion is only half the equation. As cycles investors, we know there will come a day when, as the cycles determine, will be time for us to convert our gold and silver holdings into other asset classes, such as real estate or high dividend-yielding businesses. Knowing when to sell your gold and silver is critical to capturing investment gains and taking advantage of the upcoming wealth transfer.
Secondly, we offer recommendation of secure vaulting options in strategic locations. Clients holdings are secured by the reliable and most affordable safety deposit boxes provided by these private vaults.
Finally, we at MY Bullion Trade only sell products we believe to be the most trusted and recognisable mint hallmarks in the industry. We always offer a two-way market. We stand by the products we offer and will pay prevailing rates for any product we sell. You can sell back to us any time you wish.
MY Bullion Trade specialises in serving savvy bullion investors. We invite you to experience the difference today!

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