Malaysia Bullion Trade

Talk by MY Bullion Trade
Overview of the Company
Incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, MY Bullion Trade (Co. Reg. No. 2059218-D) specialises in the education of precious metals trading and providing personalised gold and silver dealer services. MY Bullion Trade is owned and operated by Dean Arif, a former Chemical Engineer turned money historian and an industry expert since 2005 in precious metals business.

  • To capitalise the current and future economic storms into opportunity and prosperity for all.
  • To put physical silver and gold-honest money in the hands of more ordinary people.

Saving the planet one soul at a time.
Our clients expect us to:

  • Inform them on the economy and the markets
  • Look out for their best interests
  • Do our level best to deliver on time
  • Keep their personal and financial information confidential
  • Help solve any challenges related to their transactions
  • Never betray their trust

Our customers expect our ethics to be of high integrity.

  • We are not a multi-level marketing (MLM) company
  • We do not run an Islamic or conventional pawnbroking gold buying scheme
  • We do not sell our products on easy payment plan or credit – not even credit cards!
  • We do not run a “guaranteed return” scheme, promising a certain % monthly return.

We run an honest precious metals trading (buying & selling investment-grade gold & silver bullion) business and we urge our clients not to be involved in dubious activities mentioned above, some of which are PONZI schemes.