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Gold Trends 2016

February 10, 2016
by Torgny Persson

Let’s look into the crystal ball to see what 2016 – The Year of the Monkey – has in store for us when it comes to the gold market.
Gold Price
What will the price of gold be at the end of 2016? Will it dip under USD 1,000/oz?
To answer that question, we first have to analyse what causes the price of gold to move. Supply and demand of physical gold, right?
Physical supply and demand have little to no effect on the price of gold. The price of gold is set on the paper markets and pre-dominantly on the OTC market in London. The volume traded during one day on the London Gold Market is at least 88 % of an entire year’s gold mining production. One year’s trading volume in London is at least 170,195 tons whereas annual global gold mining output stands at 3,100 tons.
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The Return Of Crisis

February 10, 2016
by Chris Martenson
Suddenly banks everywhere are in deep, deep trouble

Financial markets the world over are increasingly chaotic; either retreating or plunging. Our view remains that there’s a gigantic market crash in the coming future — one that has possibly started now.
Our reason for expecting a market crash is simple: Bubbles always burst.
Bubbles arise when asset prices inflate above what underlying incomes can sustain. Centuries ago, the Dutch woke up one morning and discovered that tulips were simply just flowers after all. But today, the public has yet to wake up to the mathematical reality that over $200 trillion in debt and perhaps another $500 trillion of un(der)funded liabilities really cannot ever be paid back under current terms. However, this fact is dawning within the minds of more and more critical thinkers with each passing day.
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Rick Rule: “Price of silver will explode”

February 7, 2016
by Taki T.

The bigger the bear market, the more furious the next bull market, especially with commodities. When a bear market like this in commodities is so deep, production will be destroyed. In a new bull market fase it takes a lot of time to build new production. That’s why the next bull market will be maniacal.
Rick Rules has decades of experience. Unfortunately he doesn’t see a bottom for gold and silver. The American dollar and US Treasuries are to strong to see a significant rise in gold and silver.
When investors run from the euro because of the turmoil, or when investors run from oil because of the tension in the Middle East, they don’t turn to gold – they turn tot he US Dollar.
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Golden bottom?

February 5, 2016
Gary Savage

In today’s video I’m going to cover stocks, currencies, oil and gold. This would normally be the nightly report on the premium website, but I’m going to make it public so everyone can get a taste for what is included in the premium reports. If you like this update you can sign up for the premium reports by clicking on the orange button on the right hand side of the page.

World’s Largest Silver Producer Calls On The LBMA To Explain Last Week’s Fraudulent Silver Fix

February 3, 2016
by Dave Kranzler

The London gold/silver fix was established in 1919 principally by the House of Rothschild to enable the Rothschilds to control international money markets through the manipulation of the price of gold. The daily gold/silver fix was conducted in the offices of N.M. Rothschild and Company. Fast-forward to 2016 and very little about the London fix has changed, other than some of the names involved with setting the “fix.”
As most of you know by know, the London price fix committee “fixed” the price of silver 84 cents below the market price as represented by silver futures trading. In the context of the daily interventions in the precious metals market in London and NYC, this act of manipulation was a particularly brazen display of contemptuous disregard for anti-collusion laws.
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IT BEGINS… Primary Silver Mining Company To Cut Production 25% In 2016

February 3, 2016
by Steve St. Angelo

The low price of silver has finally claimed is first victim. Endeavour Silver announced that it will cut silver production by 25% in 2016. The company has three mines working in Mexico and will produce 7.2 million oz (Moz) of silver in 2015. However, Endeavour plans to shut down production of one of their mines by the end of 2016 and put it on care and maintenance.
According to Endeavour Silver’s press release:
Endeavour’s mine plans for 2016 are focused on minimizing all-in sustaining costs and improving after-tax free cash flow rather than metal output. Silver production is expected to be in the range of 4.9-5.3 million oz, gold production will be in the 47,000-52,000 oz range, and silver equivalent production is forecast to be 7.9-8.5 million oz using a 75:1 silver:gold ratio, as shown in the table below.
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