Physics of Money

Submitted by David Bryan,

The establishment conjectures of monetarism, corporatism, globalism, socialism, capitalism and communism consolidate immense wealth and power for the ruling establishment and are not for the benefit of the great body of people. Genetic engineering, financial engineering and social engineering are the modus operandi of the ruling establishment and these are the antithesis of physics. In an act of genocide against the great body of people they destroy the world’s ecology, economy and social fabric.

As long as you rely on “by means of” you will always be dependent on something false” – Huang Po, Tang Dynasty Zen Master

Instead of reliance on establishment conjecture, with physics everything in life fits into place as an observable fact.

The physics of energy and matter is the only science to ensure economic and social justice for the good and benefit of one and all. Physics establishes the divine blueprint for the ecology, the economy and the social fabric which needs to be understood and re-established. That is all there is to it.

Money defines our enterprise, independence, prosperity and economic freedom.

In terms of physics gold is pure refined matter with sufficient value to provide tangible monetary capital.

All the gold ever mined still exists and this makes gold fully accountable.

Central bank money is synthetic and it exists “by means of” a monetary ideology that is supported by an act of law. It shares one fact in common with every scheme designed to swindle an unsuspecting person, which is to falsely pretend that something without tangible value has monetary worth.

Central banks instead of being autonomous are part of an international syndicate of private monetary agencies. In place of a financial system under a gold standard that uses monetary capital which is fully accountable, easy to understand and would hold asset prices stable.  The central bank’s synthetic money is unlimited and is issued on the economic backs of the great body of people who are not trained to understand such a corrupt modus operandi.

These monetary issuing agencies have created a terrible paradoxical cycle of never ending debt. The private central bank monetary agencies continually issue unlimited synthetic money and this inflates the prices of the goods and services that people require for a realistic standard of living. In order to try and make financial ends meet this forces people to have to borrow with interest from the banks that operate under the umbrella of these corrupt private central bank monetary agencies.

In a further tragedy committed against the economic good and benefit of the great body of people on the planet. The issue of unlimited synthetic money has allowed the private central bank monetary agencies to endlessly incorporate the world’s wealth creating resources for the exclusive benefit of a privileged few.

Central bank monetary agencies continually act against the natural laws of justice, they are not held accountable and as the monetary issuing establishment they are completely out of control.

They engage in continuous currency wars that enable the assets of weaker national economies to be looted.

They ruthlessly employ negative interest rates against pensioners and savers so that they no longer have a return on capital.

Without any compassion for the suffering that is caused to working families and the vulnerable, they use the immoral leverage of debt, money printing, currency devaluations and capital controls that weaken or destroy the economic and social fabric.

Flooding the world with synthetic money the central bankers inflate bubbles in stock markets, property values, bonds and commodities. This inevitably leads to the deflationary busts in stock markets, property values, bonds and commodities that follow. Using a rinse and repeat operation in what is referred to as the great short the banks cash in as they engineer these synthetic financial booms in stock markets, property values, bonds and commodities and also cash in as the financial bubbles in the same stock market, property values, bonds and commodities are burst.

In a probable underestimation of the depraved level of success of central bank synthetic money to transfer wealth to a few on the economic backs of the great body of people on the planet: Oxfam’s research into wealth distribution concludes that 68 people now have greater wealth than 3.1 billion or half the world’s population. (Google)

The unsuspecting great body of people has no idea of the central banking financial deception to intentionally steal his or her wealth and deprive them of reasonable economic opportunity.

The few that understand the system will be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

ROTHSCHILD BROTHERS letter to their New York Associates in 1863, laying the foundation for the Federal Reserve Act

It is not widely known by the great body of people on the planet that the Bank for International Settlements based in Switzerland controls and is controlled by virtually every major central bank in the world. Central banks may have the outward appearance of being national and independent. However the fact is that this one unaccountable Swiss banking organization with a history of committing massive fraud is the ultimate counter party to each major central bank currency. (Wikipedia – Bank for International Settlements)

Instead of reliance on the chance of establishment conjectures, with physics everything in life fits into place as an observable fact.

Reality is perfect purity” – Huang Po, Tang Dynasty Zen Master

Physics is reality and all else is conjecture. It can be no other way.

Enterprise is energy that creates economic prosperity and gold is valuable matter to provide stable monetary finance. To have the right ordering of the economy it is the only science that provides the conditions by which a nation regenerates sufficient wealth for the great body of its people and has proper access to creative opportunities in its agriculture, fisheries, manufacture, arts and services.

As pure refined matter gold is an immensely rare and valuable wealth with which the nation is provided with its monetary capital. Held in treasury it is wealth that mutually belongs to each of its citizens. When the gold in treasury is responsibly used to back the nation’s currency, then its citizens rely entirely on the use of their own monetary capital to fund their enterprise.

The national treasury will normally remain intact with a modest level of wealth generating enterprise. The wealth of a nation is reduced only if it is compromised by the debt creating policies of central banks, depleted to pay for unproductive wars or spent on lavish political extravaganza. This is monetary science par excellence and has happened many times throughout history, with stable asset prices and a prosperous wealth regenerating economies lasting for hundreds of years until banks, wars or imperial arrogance depleted the treasury.

Gold is the ultimate acceptable unit of value to exchange for goods and services and ensures a system of economic fairness. Gold backed money holds asset prices stable so that the unproductive in society can no longer speculate to live off the backs of others.

Gold is the only monetary wealth that is physically indestructible and for more than five thousand years it has provided a physical store of value that has protected wealth for generations to come.

Gold has a natural inbuilt compound interest that over time reflects economic progress and safely protects from the devaluation or the collapse of a central banker’s synthetic fiat currency. Today gold is in the region of $1,343,55 an ounce and so has increased by more than 6,500% from $20.67 an ounce in 1913 when the private Federal Reserve Bank was given the mandate to issue the nation’s currency.  During this same one hundred year period the Federal Reserve’s dollar has lost in excess of 97% of its original purchasing power and is now worth less than 3 cents.

Protection from a corrupt central banking finance scheme that has transferred to a few people over 97% of the nation’s wealth that was then used to back the original Federal Reserve dollar, is proven wealth preservation, well beyond par excellence.

Gold does not have any national currency and it is accepted wealth everywhere in the world.

For several thousands of years every country in the world used either gold or silver for trade and to guarantee the nation’s monetary worth. It provided assurance that the nations economy was completely independent from monetary subordination to a foreign controlled private central banking agency.

Before President Nixon replaced what was then a partial gold standard in 1971 for a completely synthetic monetary system. It is estimated that the enterprising middle class of the United States created in the region of 200,000 net new businesses annually.

Instead of continuing to use money partially backed by the nations gold reserve and prospering from the compound dynamic of an additional 200,000 new middle class businesses created each year. The central bankers with the newfound ability to issue their own synthetic currency provided unlimited finance for corporations under an ideology based on globalism. This has meant that the number of wealth regenerating and employment creating private middle class local enterprises has become net negative. For the great body of people in the United States it has meant that home ownership, job security and real wages have all declined while the fortunes of an unproductive few have grown beyond imagination.

It seems to have been entirely forgotten that the use of monetary gold or silver for several thousands of years allowed every country in the world to function without any need to tax a person’s income.

Interest on the United States $19 trillion national debt is currently $216 billion per annum and amounts to a permanent banker’s tax levied on the income of every working family.

It’s not a coincidence that the Income Tax Act was formally passed into law in the same year that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank was incorporated and the people of the United States were deceived into losing their monetary independence to a central bank. With monetary control over the ownership and distribution of wealth, as well as the immoral ability to charge interest on synthetic money, it serves to explain why the central banking cartel uses derivatives to engineer the price of the daily gold fix. They do not want gold to again become the people’s money or a low taxation, debt free society.

In the last seven years of panic regarding the state of the world’s economy, central banks have unexpectedly issued a staggering $57 trillion in new money and increased world debt by 40.1%. This mind-blowing amount of money is equivalent 25% of the estimated wealth of the world and it has been supplied mainly interest free to a few selected private and public entities and to monetize government debt. (Source 2015 Mc Kinsey Global Institute)

In terms of the immense economic suffering and stress this imposes on the unsuspecting great body of people on the planet. $57 trillion translates into $50,000 in assets and resource wealth permanently removed beyond the reach of every family in the world!

It is an out of control, immoral financial system directed without compassion against the good and benefit of the great body of people on the planet who are forced to financially depend on a central banker’s economic charade.

The one hundred year cycle of synthetic debt issuance has just about reached its limit and in a law of diminishing returns the trapped central bankers do not have much ability to engineer further additional debt on the backs of working people or provide money that has the tangible wealth to reset the financial system. In anticipation of the financial collapse the private central banks will accelerate the fraudulent purchase of the world’s asset wealth including stocks and corporate bonds.

In terms of the immense economic suffering and stress that this private central bank asset buyout will impose on the unsuspecting great body of people.

Without unencumbered wealth the world’s economy and a great body of people are destined to die!

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” – Isaac Newton’s third law

To get life firmly back under control requires that people demand to be given full release from the obscene paradigm of central banks created debt and the incorporation of the world’s economic resources. A hard asset currency must be implemented and the various private central banking monetary agencies such as The Federal Reserve Bank made defunct.

Shock and awe will follow when every asset deflates against gold until it finds a fair market value where price is no longer derived from leveraged finance.

All private and public incorporated institutions must retain their existing debt. As assets deflate to fair market value, the capital imbalance will encourage the transfer of incorporated economic resources back to the great body of people on the planet.

From these reactionary steps the rewards of newfound economic and social structures will follow.

Blind faith in the misleading conjecture of the establishment sponsored ideologies of monetarism, corporatism, globalism, socialism, capitalism or communism has failed to provide the correct ordering of the world. Genetic engineering, financial engineering and social engineering are the modus operandi of the anti-divine establishment and they destroy the ecology, the economy and the social fabric.

Physics is known as the fundamental science, the divine blueprint that applies to every aspect of life. Understand the blueprint and instead of having to rely on the use of conjecture everything in life fits into place as an observable fact.

For the right ordering of the world this structure for the ecology, the economy and the social fabric needs to be understood and be re-established, that is all there is to it.

It is physic. It can be no other way.

David Bryan is author of The Tibetan Secret an inspired trilogy that examines the astounding findings of Tibetan Sanskrit scholars over a period of twelve hundred years. These are based on physics the divine blueprint for the right ordering of the world and the realization of knowledge. Available on Amazon Kindle. One of a series of articles based on physics posted on

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