Refund and Returns Policy


Upon securing a purchase from or sale to MY Bullion Trade of any product priced using the spot price of metals, such as bullion coins, bars or jewelry, your order is binding and cannot be canceled.

Should you fail to meet your obligation, whether purchasing from or selling to MY Bullion Trade, you will forfeit any deposit made on the transaction.

Further, we may at our sole discretion redeem the products or reverse the wholesale order at then current market prices. You shall be responsible for any losses suffered by MY Bullion Trade, all additional charges arising as a result of the redemption, and a single Redemption Fee of up to one thousand Malaysian Ringgit (MYR 1,000.00) per transaction.

Without limiting any other rights and remedies available to MY Bullion Trade, you authorize MY Bullion Trade to deduct any losses, additional costs and/or the Redemption Fee from your account, or to charge these payments to the card used to secure your order. If you do not have a positive balance in your account, and we are unable to successfully charge a card, you agree to make this payment to MY Bullion Trade immediately upon receipt of an invoice or other written notice from MY Bullion Trade.

If you choose to make payment via bank wire, check, or any other manual method that requires a security deposit/hold, wherein less funds than are due may arrive because of fees charged by your bank or other error or omission not the fault of MY Bullion Trade, and the amount which is received by MY Bullion Trade net of such charge/error is less than that due by under MYR250, then you authorize us to charge the security deposit method for the remaining balance due to complete the transaction without further notice to you.

Any market gains at the time of redemption shall remain the sole property of MY Bullion Trade.

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