Silver Will Be 10X by 2027 as Gold Hits $5K: Rob McEwen

10 March 2023

Rob McEwen, Executive Chairman of McEwen Mining, and Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, discus how the devaluation of fiat currencies could push gold to $5k per ounce by 2027, and another metal will gain by 1,000%.

McEwen also discusses his copper mine’s deal with automaker Stellantis and multinational mining company Rio Tinto, as well as his outlook for copper, which he claimed with be a crucial metal as the world hastens towards electrification.

McEwen spoke with Kitco at the 2023 BMO Global Metals, Mining, and Critical Minerals Conference in Hollywood, Florida. Follow Michelle Makori on Twitter: @MichelleMakori (

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0:00 – McEwen Copper’s deal with automotive maker Stellantis
3:37 – Vertical integration and supply chain consolidation
7:47 – Monetary reset
12:44 – Gold price outlook
16:01 – Investment implications
18:43 – McEwen Mining
26:42 – Copper prices
28:41 – Copper fundamentals
31:24 – Silver price forecast
34:39 – Government debt
35:27 – Inflation and the Fed
40:09 – Changes in mining industry
44:21 – Careers in mining

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